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sure to last a lifetime


Who Benefits ...

Almost every woman of any age

  • Women wishing to correct asymmetrical eyebrows

  • Women who want 24-hour a day beauty and confidence

  • Women who hate it when their eyebrows streak or rub off

  • Sporty people

  • People with poor eyesight

  • Women who are sensitive to make up

  • Women who are tired of pencilling eyebrows every day

  • Semi-permananet eyebrow treatments are not exclusive to women – Men also benefit from these techniques


To summarize, almost every client can look better and younger and prettier with beautifully shaped eyebrows which has become Reese Williams ‘signature treatment’.


Permanent makeup specialist Reese Williams has more than 10 years’ cosmetics experience and is the number one person to call if you need permanent makeup advice and treatment.


Reese creates stunning eyebrows, as well as elegant eyelash,enhancement and eyeliner, and lip enhancements. Beauty spots can be created and breast treatments are also available.

* We no longer touchup brows that were not originally done by one our team members.  Original brow must be completely removed.  We do offer brow removal treatments.

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