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Discover the allure of flawless brows with our Ombré Permanent Brows service! Immerse yourself in the latest eyebrow trend that delivers a soft, gradient effect – from delicately defined fronts to elegantly shaded arches. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to create a semi-permanent masterpiece, ensuring your brows are always on point. Embrace the beauty of low-maintenance, long-lasting perfection with Ombré Permanent Brows – where sophistication meets simplicity for brows that steal the spotlight!


  • Ombré Brows typically last between 24 to 36 months, although individual results may vary. The longevity is influenced by factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and adherence to aftercare instructions. Periodic touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the vibrancy and shape of the ombré effect, ensuring your brows stay beautifully defined over time.

  • The Ombré Brow treatment duration typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours. This comprehensive timeframe allows the skilled technician to carefully create the gradient effect, ensuring that each part of the brow achieves the desired shading. The exact duration may vary based on individual preferences, the artist's technique, and the unique characteristics of the client's brows. The result is a soft and seamlessly blended ombré effect that enhances and defines your eyebrows.

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