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We now feature Dermatude, The Facelift Alternative, a safer and more consistent procedure than Dermapen.


This procedure stimulates your skin's cellular proteins like PDGF (Platelet-drived growth factor) to transform into TGF- beta (Transforming growth factor beta,) triggering it to regenerate collagen fibers which fill in any skin irregularities. Tattoo dermal rejuvenation leaves the skin feeling and looking younger.

Unlike certain products, Dermatude features needles with ultra-precise depth adjustment that will always reach the right layers of the skin. Most micro-needling techniques for facial treatments use needles that are too long, which can result in irreplaceable subcutaneous damage, similar to the scars that form after second degree burns.


The repeated or short term use of Dermatude is for anti-aging for the face or for scar removal. The new procedure stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis layer to thicken and firm the skin, creating a smoother surface.

Collagen Rejuvenation Causes Visible Improvements In:


Rough Skin Texture

Scarring from Acne

Chicken Pox

Surgical Scarsdale

Old Scars that Permeate Several Layers of Skin

Large Pores

    Stretch Marks

Sun Damage

Collagen Rejuvenation Skin Needling a sophisticated technique which promotes the body's natural production of collagen and melanin(pigment producing cells) is a less expensive alternative to laser resurfacing! This technique preserves the integrity of the skin as it stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis and thickens it, creating a smoother complexion. It also greatly improves wrinkles, skin texture and tightness scarring (acne, chicken pox, surgical, old fibrous and depressed scars) stretch marks, large pores and sun damage. Skin Needling does not “inject” anything into the body. There is no pigment involved in Skin Needling you are not getting a tattoo. This procedure stimulates the body’s own natural electrical responses. These signals induce your body's own natural human growth factor (PDGF), to transform into growth factor (TGF beta) causing it to fill the “valleys” of the wrinkles with collagen fibers, leaving the skin smoother and younger looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment work?
    The device slides along the skin, penetrating the upper layers of the skin to a depth of up to 2mm to create numerous tiny needle wounds. The procedure prompts the body to respond through the creation of new collagen and elastin fibers. In response to the stimulus, the skin plumps and thickens, reducing the appearance of scars, and fine lines and wrinkles. It may take 3-6 treatments each 1 month apart for desired results.
  • What does the procedure involve?
    The skin is cleaned and numbing cream may be applied to lessen discomfort. This procedure is virtually painfree. A small handheld pen like device with a sterile, disposable tip with 12 tiny needles is then used to pierce the skin. Our needling pen’s multi-speed and adjustable needle depth allow needles to pierce the skin’s layer at 90 degrees and increase the absorption of products. After the treatment, soothing Vitamin-C serum are used to hydrate, heal and protect the skin.
  • What will I look like after the treatment?
    Most people will experience redness and mild swelling in a similar way as mild sunburn for 24-48 hours and there may be minimal pin-point bleeding and/or bruising. Within a week or two, you will notice that your skin is smoother and more radiant looking but the full effects won’t be seen until a few months later.
  • What is the down time after Collagen Rejuvenation treatment?
    The inflammatory reaction of the skin is extremely short and fades significantly within hours from redness to pinkish that may last for 12 to 48 hours. In order to reduce visible redness, we recommend hyaluronic acid after the procedure, and to protect the skin with zinc based sunblock. The use of mineral makeup is recommended after procedure.
  • What are the benefits of Medical Micro-Needling?
    Dramatically increases the effectiveness and penetration of active ingredients in topical preparation Stimulates circulation and collagen production Medical grade titanium needles makes it non-allergenic to human tissue Cost effective compared to other resurfacing procedures Can be performed on all skin types, including ethnic skin It can be used on all areas of the scalp, face, body including fragile skin like around eyes, mouth and neck
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