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hello lash extensions


We want your lashes to work for you!  Please Read!

For the first 2 days:

- Do not wash eyes or lashes wih hot water or steam the face.

- Avoid swimming or exercise that can cause sweating.



- Do not cover the eyelash area:  As it may cause eyelashes to curl, break and overlap each other.

- Avoid sleeping on your eyelashes.  This can bend your lashes and cause lashes to overlap.

- Avoid rubbing eyes as lashes:  This can damage lashes.

- Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms/sauna and tanning beds.

- Do not use eye makeup remover at all on the lashes.

- Do not use any products near the eyes that contain oil (Example:  Moisturizer, eye cream, etc.)

- Do not attempt to pick off the coating:  This may result in pulling out your natural lashes.

- Advise clients that the semi-permanent mascara should be removed and a refresh semi permanent mascara application appliedevery 4 weeks.


Check out our most common mistakes made by clients with their new lashes.


The first 24 hours:

- Take Shower

- Wash their face, getting water in their eyes

- Apply cream and lotion on their eyes

- Apply mascara to their new lash coating

- Tan

- Sauna

- Spa

- Enter a steam room

- Swim

- Exercise

- Sleep on their face

- Rub their eyes

- Play, touch the lashes

After the first 24 hours:

- Rub their eyes extensively

- Pick at their lashes

- Sleep on their lashes

- Play with or pick at their lashes

- Use oil based make up

- Apply mascara on their lashes

- Frequently visit sauna or steam room. or otherwise expose their lashes too frequently

- Are not gentle with their lashes

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