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Book An Appointment


Studio Etiquette

Please keep in mind that we are an appointment only establishment. Deposits are required for all appointments, unless it is a voucher, in which full payment of the voucher is due. Therefore your reservation time is yours and yours only. So please be on time. We do have a very strict 15 min policy, the appointment is cancelled and your deposit will be lost and you will need to reschedule with another deposit. Please plan accordingly.


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any time after 15 minutes past your appointment time will be canceled. Deposit will be lost if appointment is not cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment. 

We are appointment only!  Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment.


Please no cell phones on during service.

Please do not ask me to answer your cell phone.

Please do not text during services.

We do understand that you may need moral support in this important decision you have made, but please do not bring friends 

or family because it poses as a distraction and reduces the space we have in our facility to practice social distancing. 

NO children unless being serviced.

Please do not bring your own mirrors to look while being service, this is a distraction.

Please do no infringe on someone else's reservation time.

NO checks accepted.

Deposit is required for every service.

Expect to be satisfied and pleased with your decision.

Please keep your eyes closed through permanent makeup or   services unless otherwise instructed.

Please do not chew gum or candy.

PLEASE DO NOT drink caffeine the day of service.

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