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 Brief Description:
After puberty, fat cells remain constant in numbers and change their size and volume according to the amount of fat the body stores. This fat often assumes abnormal proportions in areas such as thighs,hips,stomach, and arms. Non- invasive Ulrtasonic Lipocavitation, Radio Frequency, and Vacuum Therapy can change a clients life.  Unlike surgical liposuction there is no pain, incisions, or recovery time.  The energy is delivered through the skin surface.  These treatments can be safe and suitable for both men and women who want effective removal of excess fat, tightening the skin, or for cellulite reduction.

What You Will Learn in this Course:

Health and safety
Client modesty,privacy, and confidentiality
Sterilization method
Equipment set up and maintenance
Body types
Adipose Tissue and its negative effect on health
Fat Assesment for treatment including BMI
Ideal candidates for treatment
History of ultrasound, lipocavitaion, radio frequency, and vaccuum therapy
Explanation of types of frequencies and intensity
In depth explanation of how the different technologies work
The benefits of the client
Areas suitable and excluded from treatment
What to expect from the treatment
Clients realistic expectations
Duration of treatments
Product use
Recommendations before treatment
Client prep
List of necessary Items to be prepared before treatment
Client consultations
Contra Action (CA) and Correct Aftercare

STEP BY STEP DEMOS on Live Models 

BONUS****($2200.00 Value)

Introduction to Body Wraps
Introduction to Wood Therapy
Marketing/Business package

Gift Bags
Breakfast and Snacks Provided


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