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Goodbye Mascara!


If you want to have that same sexy set of eyes that the Stars have, come see us. Here, at EyeMakeItHappen Image Concierge, our Expert lashologists have extensive training and skills to transform your short lashes into long, luscious lashes for others to envy! Would you like to bat your eyes and make him fall in love with you for the first time or all over again? If the answer is yes, then you need our services. We can transform a frumpy housewife into a Diva. We have every type and style of lash to fit the look that suites your style.

Permanent Eyelash Enhancer


MakeupThicker, darker lashes give a lift to your whole face and can make small eyes look bigger and more alluring, while emphasizing your eye colour. An effect like this can be difficult to achieve with ordinary makeup and unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it’s easy to overdo. Permanent eyelash enhancement is the perfect solution and gives you professional makeup perfection each and every day. What’s more, you have a result that stays put and won’t need painstaking removal every night!


Reese Williams achieves this fantastic look in her unique style, by mimicking dozens of tiny eyelashes and creating the illusion of a thick row of lash hair. This technique is also ideal for ladies with thinning lashes who want to make their face look younger by giving the appearance of fuller eyelashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



For the first 2 days:

- Do not wash eyes or lashes with hot water or steam the face.

- Avoid swimming or exercise that can cause sweating.



- Do not cover the eyelash area:  As it may cause eyelashes to curl, break and overlap each other.

- Avoid sleeping on your eyelashes.  This can bend your lashes and cause lashes to overlap.

- Avoid rubbing eyes as lashes:  This can damage lashes.

- Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms/sauna and tanning beds.

- Do not use eye makeup remover at all on the lashes.

- Do not use any products near the eyes that contain oil (Example:  Moisturizer, eye cream, etc.)

- Do not attempt to pick off the coating:  This may result in pulling out your natural lashes.

- Advise clients that the semi-permanent mascara should be removed and a refresh semi permanent mascara application applied every 4 weeks.

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

WITHIN The first 24 hours:

- Take Shower

- Wash their face, getting water in their eyes

- Apply cream and lotion on their eyes

- Apply mascara to their new lash coating

- Tan

- Sauna

- Spa

- Enter a steam room

- Swim

- Exercise

- Sleep on their face

- Rub their eyes

- Play, touch the lashes

AFTER The first 24 hours:

- Rub their eyes extensively

- Pick at their lashes

- Sleep on their lashes

- Play with or pick at their lashes

- Use oil based make up

- Apply mascara on their lashes

- Frequently visit sauna or steam room. or otherwise expose their lashes too frequently

- Are not gentle with their lashes

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