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sure to last a lifetime


Permanent Eyeliner

Emphasize the eyes and you accentuate your beauty and sexual appeal. Semi-permanent eyeliner makeup and eyelash enhancement makes your eyes more open and attractive. This natural look is achieved with soft liner but for ladies who want perfectly made-up eyes

from dawn till dusk, a bolder, more definite line is needed. Subtle to bold, two tone to pearl highlighting.


Permanent eyeliners can also define the eye giving you the choice of a soft and natural look or a bold and dramatic style using intense black; shades of olive, denim blue, or even ultra violet.


Whatever style you choose, we will blend the pigments especially for you so that your natural colouring is enhanced. For a really striking definition, you should consider a pearl highlighter, or a stunning combination of eyelash and liner in two colours’ above the upper lash line.

While these treatments are popular with ladies seeking a permanent cosmetic solution for their makeup, they are also ideal for contact-lens wearers or those with hay fever or other allergies, and are ophthalmologist-recommended for women sensitive to daily wear eye makeup.


Permanent Eyelash Enhancer


MakeupThicker, darker lashes give a lift to your whole face and can make small eyes look bigger and more alluring, while emphasizing your eye colour. An effect like this can be difficult to achieve with ordinary makeup and unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it’s easy to overdo. Permanent eyelash enhancement is the perfect solution and gives you professional makeup perfection each and every day. What’s more, you have a result that stays put and won’t need painstaking removal every night!


Reese Williams achieves this fantastic look in her unique style, by mimicking dozens of tiny eyelashes and creating the illusion of a thick row of lash hair. This technique is also ideal for ladies with thinning lashes who want to make their face look younger by giving the appearance of fuller eyelashes.


Two Tone eyeliner:  $400+ *(includes touchup)

Eyeliner upper or lower:  $300+ *(includes touchup)

Eyeliner upper and lower:  $550+ *(includes touchup)

Eyelash Enhancement upper or lower: $200+ *(includes touchup)

Eyelash Enhancement upper and lower: $350+

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