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Permanent Lips

Permanent makeup lip liners are an excellent way to enhance the lips and create volume and symmetry. But with some skin colours and lip colour choices a lip liner can sometimes give an unwanted harsh looking appearance.

To solve this problem Reese has personally developed her unique Pucker and Go© technique that redefines the mouth using just a hint of colour, but still making it shapelier, fuller and more attractive. The lips are also colour enhanced and shape corrected – especially effective for lips that have lost definition through the ageing process. The colour is matched to either your natural lip shade or to a favourite lip pencil and there are a wide range of beautiful colours to choose from.


Reese's use of semi-permanent makeup adds back the shape and colour to your lips, correcting imperfections or unevenness and creating a fuller, more sensual – more kissable -look. If age makes you feel ‘invisible’‘, why not escape to a life less ordinary? Make your lower lip smile again – lift the outer corners and bring back the glow!

Permanent Lips Makeup



A permanent lipliner or lip blush creates better defined lips for that perfect pout –

that looks as beautiful as nature intended. A lip treatment is the best way to

emphasise the shape and colour of your lips and at the same time rejuvenating the

appearance of your mouth. Reese can discreetly extend the border of the lips for

those clients who feel their lips are too thin or have thinned over the years.


Permanent Makeup Lip Blush / Lip Tint


If you are young and yearn for natural looking voluptuous lips, or mature and your lips have thinned and faded with age, Reese can create fuller looking lips for you that men find so attractive in ladies of all ages.


To create the effect you desire takes a great deal of technical skill. First the lips are re-contoured using a discrete liner and then colour is carefully added by shading and feathering it into the top and bottom lip. If you are young and adventurous you may choose a bold colour, although most clients prefer to use natural colour, as it is so much easier to live with every day.


 She will consult with you closely before starting the treatment so that the look you desire can be achieved.


Stage 1 – Assessment photos are taken to establish how the lip shape can be improved. We agree to redefine, lift, volumise and rejuvenate.

Stage 2 – The lip border is discreetly re-established and designed to create the most beautiful shape possible, while still retaining a totally natural look.

Stage 3 – The lip colour is carefully added to the lips to give a really attractive, natural look.

Stage 4 – Immediately after the treatment the client can expect to experience a little swelling, but already the client’s lips are transformed.

Stage 5 – Client returns to EyeMakeItHappen Image Concierge clinic 6 weeks later, delighted to have regained natural, happy-looking and rejuvenated lips.


3D Lip line:  $250 &UP *(includes 1 touchup)

3D Full Color $550 & UP *(includes 2 touchups)* 

Lip Blush:  Pucker n go©:  $400 & UP

*includes 2 touchups


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