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Permanent, or semi-permanent makeup: your questions answered

We’ve devoted this page of our website to answer the most frequently-asked questions we receive from prospective clients and the media about permanent makeup – also sometimes referred to as semi-permanent makeup.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, or questions that you would like a fuller explanation about, please contact Reese today.


What is permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup is the process which sterile cosmetic pigments are placed under the dermal layer of the skin using single use individual sterile needles.  The areas to be treated are numbed using topical anesthetics to make your experience a pleasant one


Why have Permanent Makeup?

Everyone wants to look the best they can, naturally. Think how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly arched eyebrows, wide-awake, pretty eyes and beautifully contoured lips, without the effort of time-consuming morning and night time makeup rituals. All subtle, soft and perfectly in place with no smudging, no mess, no problem.  With permanent makeup you have the confidence of knowing you look the best you can look, right round the clock.


Am I suitable for permanent makeup?

Most people are suitable for some form of permanent makeup. At EyeMakeItHappen Image Concierge, Reese and her staff will explore with you precisely which treatments will suit you best in a one-to-one consultation. This will include an analysis of your natural skin colour and a discussion of your dreams and expectations and any features you wish to correct, mask or balance. This consultation allows the staff to recommend specific treatments they believe will achieve the effect you want and allow you to put your best face forward to the world.


Why should someone have permanent makeup?

​Permanent Cosmetics is perfect for the busy person/professional who has little to no time to apply conventional makeup, those who like to wake up with a fresh..natural look, eyebrow symmetry, the athlete who wants to look natural, Alopecia sufferers, those with medical conditions that cause their hands to shake, areola re-pigmentation after breast reconstruction/cancer, vision problems, or those that have allergic reactions to over the counter makeup products..but mostly for convenience!


What is the recovery/healing time?

Healing time varies from person to person.  With proper topical anesthetics & numbing,  swelling will be very minimal and typically there is no bleeding involved with my procedures.  I provide each client with a tube of Aquaphor for the aftercare and written instructions.  The treated area will begin to soften/lighten up within 3-10 days...and it is required to have your touch-up appointment within the 8 weeks following your original procedure.


How long will Permanent Makeup last?

Permanent Makeup can last for many years but is dependent on several factors including your skin type, your annual sun exposure and lifestyle. For these reasons, Reese recommends a colour refresher treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain perfect results.


Is Permanent Makeup safe?

Absolutely. All the pigments we use are hygienically prepared and packaged and created from natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties. Technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world trust them in everyday use; moreover, ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures using permanent make-up for women who are sensitive to conventional cosmetics.


Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

The treatment is performed with your comfort in mind and we want you to be relaxed during the procedure. For this reason, an anaesthetic will be applied to the area being worked on prior to treatment to minimise any discomfort.


What if I don’t like the result?

Reese and her staff take great care to discuss treatments they know will enhance your face or body the way you want it to. Because she takes so much trouble with this initial personal consultation, no client has ever been unhappy with the end result.


Such care may not be universal in the industry, however, and numerous new clients have come to EyeMakeItHappen to ask them to correct or improve treatments done elsewhere that have not turned out as expected or gone wrong in some way.


Is Permanent Makeup expensive?

Compared with many other cosmetic enhancements, such dermal fillers and Botox® for example, which require frequent and costly maintenance, permanent makeup is a comparatively low cost and sensible alternative.


As in much of the cosmetic industry, it is usually the higher end of the market that will deliver the most effective results. For this reason, quality of service, comprehensive consultations and the use of high quality pigments by experienced technicians, should guide your decision rather than price alone.


Health & safety standards?

Rest assured the equipment used is the latest and most technologically advanced. Like medical equipment, permanent cosmetic equipment is safe by design against cross contamination. Fully disposable ‘single use only’ applicator cartridges are used, for your complete safety and peace of mind.


All equipment selected and used by EyeMakeItHappen Image Concierge are fully inspected by the Health and Safety executive and complies with all Health and Safety requirements.


What next?

If we have now answered all your questions and you feel reassured about our methods, treatments and expertise, the next step is to arrange your one-to-one consultation with Reese or one of her staff members. Prior to the consultation you will be sent a simple skin patch test, to ensure your suitability for treatment.


At the consultation you will receive a personalised colour analysis that will take into account your individual skin undertones, hair and eye colour. This enables us to custom blend the natural pigments that will be used to achieve the look you desire. This is a painstaking process as no two people are the same and the blend must be carefully and uniquely prescribed for each client.


As part of your permanent makeup consultation, we will also discuss your desired look and explain how this can be achieved.

Treatment sessions can take up to two hours and are generally arranged in two stages, spaced between four to six weeks apart, allowing for a safe, comfortable and gradual process.


Contact Reese now!

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